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Although scientists have yet to identify the precise function of the clump, called the interstitial nuclei of the anterior hypothalamus 3 (INAH 3), the hypothalamus is known as the seat of the emotions and sexual drives.

Le Vay obtained brain tissue from autopsies performed at seven hospitals in New York and California.

He drops Derek's house keys onto the counter, to the right of where Derek's wrestling a frozen pizza out of the plastic wrap.

Derek is standing in the hall, awkward, avoiding Scott and the sheriff and the hospital staff, when Boyd arrives with a cup of bad coffee and a newspaper.

His study included 19 homosexual men, 16 men presumed heterosexual, and six women presumed heterosexual.

All of the homosexual men died of AIDS, as did six of the heterosexual men and one of the heterosexual women.

Together, the studies conducted to date “really show that there’s something different in the [brain] anatomies of homosexuals and heterosexuals,” she says.

Witelson and Le Vay speculate that atypical levels of sex hormones may shape the brains of homosexuals in the womb or during childhood.

The 2007 Family Values Tour is co-headlined by Korn and Evanescence.In 1984, scientists at the State University of New York at Stony Brook confirmed a German study showing that male homosexuals differ from heterosexual males or females in their response to injections of the sex hormone estrogen (SN: 9/29/84, p.198).And last year, researchers at the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research reported that homosexual men had a larger suprachiasmatic nucleus than heterosexual men. Derek shakes him awake and he blinks up, slow, disbelieving."Is he-" Derek starts. You're awake now."Stiles looks at him: relieved, confused, unsure. Derek pulls out an IV line, yanks plastic tubing out of his nose. Standing isn't great, his legs feel shaky from disuse."Where's Stiles? Isaac stands up, cracks his neck, points out the door. Derek puts it on before he heads out of the room.304 is four doors down on the left, Derek finds it half by sight, half by smell. Scott is slumped over by the bed, his position worse than Isaac's.

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